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FAWve - Planning, Mounting and Presetting

As a result of the reduction of the batch sizes in CNC manufacturing, the optimization of the provision of the required tools is also playing an increasingly important role. While ultra-modern presetting devices are being utilized with growing frequency, the transportation and the provision of the required information (tool sheets, parts lists, etc.) and the transportation of data (target and actual data) is handled manually in most cases.

Moreover, the information on the latest tool inventory on the machine and in the warehouse is lacking, so that the opportunity to provide only the actually required tools cannot be seized.

NC program based tool planning factoring in the tools on hand

It is the objective of the FAWve application to take advantage of this savings potential, which could yield up to 30 % and to optimally organize the transportation and/or generation of the target and actual data. The up-to-date magazine occupancy is automatically read out via the direct connection of the machines in DNC (DNC server) and provided for planning purposes and the difference calculation.

The integrated difference calculation tool, which compares data with the current warehouse and machine inventory, takes the residual tool life into account and automates the generation of the required tools. It even does this simultaneously across multiple set-up jobs. Hence, optimum tool planning is ensured and the presetting job is placed.

Administration of the available tools with localization, state and job allocation

Standard interfaces to common presetting devices (e.g. Zoller, Kelch and others) are available. The actual data generated by the presetting device is adopted and subsequently transferred with the tool cart or – in DNC – directly to the CNC machines. The translation into the respective control format also occurs during the transfer to the machine. The system also supports the operator in the organization of the tools no longer required on the CNC machine and automatically generates suggestions for unloading lists.

This simplifies all presetting and mounting jobs, optimizes the transportation of data and reduces the amount of tools required, which results in considerable savings as far as the tooling costs and presetting work expenditures are concerned.

Reduce your set-up costs through optimized planning!