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Industrie-EDV-Systeme GmbH
Frankfurter Straße 408-410
51103 Cologne/Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)221-987605-0
Fax: +49 (0)221-987605-10

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Current projects

ZF Lemforder UK Ltd has chosen to use FASys software solutions at the location Darlaston/United Kingdom. The project roll-out will ... more


FRAMO Flatøy AS, Frekhaug, Norway, has chosen FASys software solutions. FRAMO will use the FATool 3D tool and NC management (PTC/Creo® API) based on the DIN 4000 tabular layouts of properties ... more


ARI-Armaturen has decided to use FASys solutions in the field of tool and resource management. The FATool 3D tool management with API integration ofPTC Creo® based on the DIN 4000 tabular layouts of properties is used ... more

Welcome to FASys - We are delighted to be your partner for innovative production solutions!!

FASys Industrie-EDV-Systeme GmbH is headquartered in Cologne, Germany and operates as a manufacturer independent system integrator who has been developing standard production applications since 1993.

FASys offers software and hardware solutions for all production-oriented tasks along with qualified advice provided by professional consultants, support and comprehensive services.

It is our vision to join forces with you as your system integrator for all applications involved – covering everything from design to planning to NC programming and the machine itself. A cooperation with FASys will also put you in a position to organize your production in a consistent and transparent manner.

We offer the following solutions for your convenience:

  • DIN 4000/4003-based 2D/3D tool and operational resource management
  • Central data management with interfaces to a wide variety of CAD/CAM systems
  • Integration of tool storage, presetting and mounting
  • DNC-solution for all standard CNC controls and presetting devices

FASys solutions support the entire organization from the initial idea to the finished product, which also includes the provision of the required information and the integration of all systems involved.

FASys software solutions will help you reduce your mounting and ancillary costs significantly and will ensure transparency on all production levels.

We will deliver the perfect solution - optimized and tailored to your needs!